The buckles usually found on a backpack are plastic side release buckles.  Our plastic side release buckles are available in many different sizes and styles ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inch, single or double adjust, standard, contoured, reflective, locking, heavy-duty, split release, 3-way, and even one with a built-in whistle!

Single Adjust Side Release Buckle Double Adjust Side Release Buckle Reflective Side Release Buckle  Locking Side Release Buckle  Heavy Duty Side Release Buckle Whistle Side Release Buckle

Pictures are NOT to scale

Hybrid Side Release Buckles

Hybrid side release buckles have a metal female half, which can be powder coated, and a plastic male half.
Metal Side Release Buckles Metal Side release buckles can be powder coated.  We have them in aluminum and high polished nickel.
Brass Side Release Buckles Our brass side release buckles are actually brass plated die-cast zinc.  Please note: both sides of the brass buckles must be sewn onto the strap or belt, and are not adjustable.

At we have the tools, hardware and webbing for your backpack.  We have no order minimums, so we a pleased to fill those 1 buckle orders or a 10,000 piece (or more) order!  You can pick and choose exactly what you needNo need to order some standardized kit that has a bunch of extra parts that you don't need and can't use!

Alternate Products:  We also carry tongue buckles, plastic cam buckles, strap adjusters, spring buckles, metal cam buckles, and ratchet buckles.  To see more, visit us at